Was he Drunk?

Every day on my way to work I ride the PATH train into the city.  The ride is unsettling sometimes as the tram-car’s sway back and forth noisily on the track making the passengers queasy and uncomfortable. Some days I do ponder how safe my commute is as well as the simple fact of whether the conductor has had one to many.

This morning I missed my train and cursed myself for taking the extra 5 min to straighten my already pin straight hair. When I arrived at the 33rd station and the doors opened, to my shock there were people in stretchers and fire men all over.  Several passengers sit side by side on the benches on the track in neck braces and caution tape decorated the platform. The conductor pulled in a little to fast and hit the bumper on the track going about 5 – 7 mph.

Naturally the unsuspecting passengers flip-flopped all over the each other causing injury and distress. 13 passengers  had minor injuries but what a TERRIBLE way to start your day! The frustration I was feeling for being 10 minutes late quickly vanished…

Once again I stepped onto the streets of Manhattan filled with gratitude… I am grateful for having not been on that train, grateful that my daughter clung to my leg before I left for work for a few extra moments, grateful that I have faith that I am where I am supposed to be in my life physically and metaphorically and finally I am grateful for the guardian angels I have ( both living and deceased).path train

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Date night when you are a parent is an interesting one. You try your best to let go and perhaps get a little tipsy etc. However, in the back of your head there is always this little voice reminding you NOT to have that last drink becuase the baby COULD wake up…

One night after a fabulous date with my hubs, I managed to stay awake past 11 on a Saturday night and was feeling pretty confident that the baby was sleeping soundly. In fact, I might have even had a forbidden “cigerette” I was feeling so good. All of a sudden we hear ” I LUUUUV MUUUUSIC” in that all too familiar child toy voice that is half creepy and half cute. But I couldn’t make out WHICH toy this was and how it could possibly be talking without interaction!

I quickly scanned my  ridiculous TV sized monitor to see if there was an unidentified toy IN the crib! (gasp!).

Nothing but baby and “Eddie” (Eddie is a Jelly Cat plush Elephant that my daughter is head over heels for…. It’s her “lovey”). Quickly my hubs and I are gearing up to do the inevitable, that is enter the room, locate the toy and with the maneuvering skills of a ninja, SWIPE the toy and exit without waking the baby.

As you can imagine after a few beers watching the playoffs ( GO YANKS!), this takes immense concentration.

So I prepare… hallway lights off, tv on mute, and I slowly shift the handle down and open the door. I drop to my knees to remain unseen and wait in the pitch black for the sound of that A%%HOLE toy. ” I LUUUUV MUUUUUSSIC!” .. there it is…

Now I have to crawl on my hands and knees to the area the noise is coming from. It is at this very moment when my knee cracks and makes a sound so loud that it shocks me that I realize I am getting older… lol

Mysteriously and with the grace of a gazelle I manage to decipher, locate and retrieve the toy and exit the room without a peep.



Motherhood is filled to the brim with tiny moments that permeate with pride and joy. That kind of gratification is simply underrated. In my opinion, when you feel it, you are in a state of pure joy.  If you’re a mom you know those moments when your child learns something you or someone else was trying to teach them.  Today when I came home from work she was suddenly able to show me where her head, eyes, nose and mouth were and then  say the corresponding words. That is an incredible moment!!! Watching her learn something new EVERY DAY and to take such delight in the simplest of things is inspiring to say the least.

Right now in my career I feel this pride as well. I have this incredible team of people and leaders who believe in the same principles and ideas that I believe in and perform with the same force that I do.  Loving your job, company and the people you work with is rare and I am filled with gratitude at the realization that I am one of the lucky ones…

So, thank you to my baby girl, my husband, my family and my job for completing me at this moment in my life. 🙂

This post was inspired by a great article sent to me by a great leader and I think I should share it with anyone who will read.


“Debbie Downers” are EVERYWHERE…. If you don’t know what a “DD” is see this clip from SNL. http://tinyurl.com/4lb59m

In the parenting world, “DD”‘s are those people who simply can’t help but remind you that becoming parents is hard work? These are the folks that LOVE to say the sentence ” Just wait…”.

Example 1: Your pregnant and heading to the movies with your hubby before baby number 1’s arrival and you run into couple x with 4 mth old baby and they ask where you are headed. You tell them to the movies and they reply with ” Oh, well enjoy it now cause you’ll never get to go every again after baby arrives.. just wait…”


Example 2: Our daughter begins to take her first steps at 10 mths. Yes, we know this is early and though it is frightening, we are naturally excited as her parents. Debbie Downer says, ” OH she’s walking!? Forget it, your life is OVER now. It’s all downhill from here…”


As a new mom with a 1 yr old who IS walking for 2 mths now I can tell you that yes of course at times it can be a challenge and quite exhausting. However, I think in some ways it is easier to have a walking child! Being a first time parent is a journey and a challenge through every week/month. But it is more fun and more exciting than anything I have ever done. Watching a child learn and enjoy every bit of life is inspiring. Though I might be exhausted and in bed every night passed out before 10, and we never head to the movies really anymore as Debbie Downer predicted, I love my life more than EVER and find myself fulfilled in ways I have never dreamed.

To all the new moms, old moms and soon to be moms… The Challenge is the BEST PART… so don’t let those Debbie Downers affect you.

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