Really, who’s got it better than me? If you love and live fashion, as I do, what could be more fun than having a beautiful day on the beach, shooting my new designs on our friend and customer, Christine Boe, with photographer, and best friend, Michael Gail Malloy, and my best best friend, my husband, Mikie? Ok, I’ll answer that! Nothing is better than loving your life, your job and your friends, and not necessarily in that order! The only thing missing was our dogs, but they hate wearing jewelry.
Organizing a photo shoot is always a bit vexing for me. I always feel, as I’m prepping for these efforts, like a kid in a candy store. I pile my selections high when there is no possible way to get it all done. The problem, and it’s a good one, is that we have so many great combos of clothing and accessories that it’s just too hard to choose. Funny, I hear that from our customers all the time!
But what a pleasure to put it all together on Christine and hear the kudos from both model and photographer. It is so validating to see our efforts in Bali, slogging through the heat to source the unique designs for which I am so very hungry, so that our customers can wear outfits that will garner compliments from friends and strangers alike.
I’m always so inspired by beaches and so it was a no brainer to put our island designs in this environment. There is a certain synergy to the found objects on the sand and the found treasures from our Balinese designers. And so it is no accident that the results of this shoot, which blended the organic with the fantastic styles we unearthed in Bali last month, turned out so well. Hurricane Sandy’s effects still linger in broken branches and snapped off tree trunks but we used Mother Nature’s wrath to our advantage; best to show her respect! There is also a storm drain on this beach which you might think would be horribly ugly. Since I live with the motto, “lemonade out of lemons” well in hand, we took advantage of the pattern of water that swirls through the sand from the storm drain to the water’s edge and put Christine in it’s chilly path. The resulting shot is my favorite from the shoot. Could it be that it resonates because we challenged ourselves and our environment? Of course it is, and isn’t that a great way to live, work and play? Glad you agree, now I’m off to make some more lemonade:) Just another day at the beach!


A friend of mine sent this my way today, knowing very well that I would adore it.

Though the content has nothing to do with it at all, it reminds me of a modern-day “Little Rascals” where the children act like ” adults”.

THIS IS hysterical…. Thank you to the people who made this video.

All I wanted was a New Kitchen!


Adrienne Curry ( America’s Top Model who married the Brady guy) dresses as Amy Winehouse and Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus 8.

For full post Click Here adrianne curry costume 211009. I am fully aware that this is wildly inappropriate but it is funny nonetheless.

Forgotten Songs..

Recently while listening to a certain song, (which shall remain nameless for now) I suddenly got the Kenny Loggins hit ” I’m Alright” stuck in my head. You know the theme song from Caddy Shack? ( CLASSIC, and up there with Christmas Vacation)

What a great fricken SONG!Gopher and BM


All The Single Ladies!

If you have not seen the incredible youtube video of the little boy who can jam you must watch! CLICK HERE

This kid has some SERIOUS moves!  Back when my daughter was 4 months old her aunt ( “titi”) came over with the bright idea to dress the baby in a crazy outfit and make her dance like a puppet to “All the Single Ladies”.(Beyonce’s new hit). Though we thought it was hysterical, overall it is pretty stupid. lol

MONTHS later, this little dancing king comes out and the videos have the same title! So all of a sudden people are clicking on our puppet dance and now it has over 20,000 views. Check it out!  Ava’s Video


So I am kinda sorta an honorary member of this rock band called “Haiku BBQ”. Long story short, I performed with them for a charity event back in June and they have asked me to learn more of their songs, put my thoughts and imput into the collaboration of some new songs and to once again join them on the stage for a set at Arlene’s Grocery on November 12th at 10pm. All proceeds go to the Garden of Dream’s foundation which is an incredible cause.

Here is a clip from our show at Arlene’s back in June… I was a total rookie and though I am proud of what I had accomplished with them in such a short time, I am even more eager to get back on that stage and nail it! YouTubeVideo

At the end of June we performed for 170 people at Connolly’s Bar in Midtown – This was an Epic Advertising event called “ Epic Rocks for Charity” where we raised money for St Jude’s Children’s research Hospital.

I hope you will join us once again at Arlene’s in a few weeks to raise money for yet another worthy cause!!!

~Aud  aka. rockstar mom.

Miss Cranky Pants

Now I might sound like I am full of “bologna” here but my daughter really isn’t a cranky baby and BOY do I know how blessed I am. She is easy-going and happy and a dream for a first child. ( she sleeps…) SEE PHOTO……The gift of slumber....

Last night at a co-worker’s birthday party I had a few vodka soda’s. Today I feel like poo and it is like she knows I am hung over and tired and is turning the dial to high on the cranky meter.

Perhaps we should tackle the fact that once upon a time I was able to drink several vodka soda’s and even (dare say it… sorry mom) do a few shots without even feeling the pinch of illness or exhaustion the next day. Now, post baby I am a light weight who gets hammered off 2 glasses of wine!

That being said, after 2 DRINKS… thats right 2 ( very strong) drinks… I am pooped today and praying for my happy happy easy going baby to come out to play.

So far this morning I was greeted with a giant poop that she squirmed and screamed over and then put her heel in… sweet. I got Cheerios, plums and a bottle thrown at my head and she refused to “walk” anywhere around the house as she wants to be held. In addition, my dog threw up all over the floor after ripping apart the trash for the 10th time…. LOL

I am sure its teething but the timing seems all too perfect on her part… don’t you think?

Do you ever feel like your 1-year-old is on to you? Like, they know a secret that you don’t?

If you do… YOUR NOT ALONE! 🙂